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Hi! Welcome to June’s edition of FreeXpresSion- which may well be the last printed issue of the magazine. I’m not getting any younger (83 this month) and the onerous and expensive task of compiling, printing collating, saddle-stitching, bagging and posting is all getting a little beyond me. There is no doubt that I get tremendous pleasure from producing the magazine but I need to do something to relieve the pressure of publishing the hard copies each month. I am considering ways in which these burdensome aspects of production can be lessened. One idea is that we should publish it on line, which immediately obviates the need to physically print it with all its attendant processes to get it to our valued contributors and subscribers. Another idea is that we publish it every two or three months instead of every month.

Kenneth Allan, another Scot originally from Glasgow has kindly agreed to help by getting FreeXpresSion published ‘on line’. Ken is an IT expert and a member of the Liverpool U3A Creative Writing class; One of Ken’s short stories is on page 13 of this edition. Please contact him direct with any ideas or suggestions— We also need your email addresses so please send them to:

Before committing to a definite plan I would like to give our subscribers and contributors the opportunity to make suggestions on the best way to proceed. I have seen some very worthwhile magazines go on line but it is difficult to impose a charge for these and often what costs little is valued accordingly.

We plan to use some or all of the money raised from subscriptions as prizes for the best story / poem contributed each month or some other form of competition. The exact details are still to be finalized. This would surely generate more interest and continuing support for the magazine. Would you please consider these suggestions and let us have your thoughts on this matter or you may like to make alternative suggestions.

I will be out of my office for over five weeks from the 3 June to the 12 July. Lorraine and I will be touring Croatia and the Adriatic for two weeks before going on to the UK to catch up with relatives and some writing groups. Consequently we may not get the July edition ready until late in that month.

I am so pleased that Arthur Green has come out of hibernation and is submitting more of his great poetry for publication see page 2 opposite and pp 16 & 17. Another two popular writers with our readers are Barbara Robinson and Jan Dawkins who have contributed to Karin’s Poetry In Form see page 30. I had difficulty finding enough room on the page to fit these in. By the way Barbara from the UK fell and broke her femur so she is in hospital recovering. Get well soon Barbara. Our readers always enjoy Peter Dargin’s and Neil McKinlay’s (pages 31 & 5) Check these out as well as the wonderful collection of prose and poetry on the other pages.

Well I’m off in a few days I hope you thoroughly enjoy this edition. Until July then, keep on writing.


Monthly Short Story Competition
The monthly competition will be suspended for a short time.

A reminder to subscribers and contributors regarding the copyright notices submitted with your work. Without entering into a debate on the matter, it is noted that a Copyright notice must include, as a minimum:
  • the year of publication (or writing)between the copyright © symbol; and
  • the author's name: i.e. © 2010 John Blow
  • In the case of a work submitted for Young Expressions, as the work of a child or very young person:
  • © 2010 John Blow (then aged 13)
  • More appropriate forms are:
  • Copyright ©2010 John Blow; and

  • Copyright ©2010 John Blow (then aged 13)

  • We need your immediate assistance on this matter.
    For further information, please refer to:

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